Mr. Arturo Gleason Santana was born in a colony of the delegation atzcapozalco in D.F. (Today Cd. De Mx) On October 29, 1942.

He was the oldest of 12 children, 5 men and 7 women.
Her childhood, adolescence and youth lived in the colony Claveria.
I study secondary school 4 in the street of San Cosme.
Preparatory # 1 of the UNAM, located in the archaeological zone of D.F.

He graduated in law from the UNAM.
This career studied her with the intention of protecting and helping people of limited resources.

He litigated in a law firm in D.F. (Today Cd.Mx)

He was a law professor and later director of a high school, where he meets the love of his life, which was the teacher of biology.

Starting the relationship with a fellowship of work, friendship, time after the courtship.
Relationship he forged in marriage.
Fruit of that love were born 3 children:
José Arturo,
César Alejandro and
Martha Paola.

Later, for reasons of contamination, together they decide to leave D.F.
Looking for a better quality of life they choose cd Guzman, city where they live together as a family for 3 years, until by offering new work for his wife, they think it convenient to go all to Guadalajara, but the plans failed and he did not achieve his change by Breach by the authorities.

That stage marked his life when moving away from his family in Guadalajara calling the house “prison” in Guzman where he resided for TWO YEARS.

The ITESO opens the doors to him like variable time professor, obtaining later with his work the complete time.

He stood out for his love of his neighbor helping generation after generation, sowing the love of his profession to respect laws and regulations.

His life was surrounded by help, kindness, and interest in social causes.

He was the first president of his colony establishing a bond between government and community thus obtaining the first association of his colony.

His last fight presented it when road closes the intersection of the peripheral and Camino al Iteso; By preventing direct access to the southern colonies and ITESO itself.
As a product of an integrated work with neighbors.
It achieves the construction of a vehicular bridge.
(He could no longer see it built).

Between so much history I finish with the following thing:
He tirelessly supported all his children.
In such a way that it propitiates the construction of the project of our son Arturo, “System of capture of rain water in our house.”

We remember him for being an exemplary, persevering, honest man, fighter of social causes.
For the great love to his wife, 3 children, his daughter-in-law, his son-in-law and his 2 grandchildren (at that time were not born the others).

He sowed in the whole family the phrase “FULL OF ENTHUSIASM and JOY” phrase that lived and applied to his lifestyle.

To this day his brothers, brothers-in-law, nephews and other people remember him affectionately for his famous phrase:

I close this brief biography recalling the following words:

“I heard a voice from heaven saying to me: Write: Blessed are from henceforth THE DEAD who die in the Lord.
Yes, says the Spirit, they will REST from their labors, for their works will follow. ”
Revelation 14:13 RVR1960