Develop projects and research programs that collaborate to achieve a comprehensive management of water resources by developing technological innovation at the service of society.


To be a research institution of high level and recognized prestige that contributes to the scientific knowledge related to the water in the whole world.


Excellence: it is a privilege to perform all things with passion delivering the 100 + 1.
Solidarity: it is a link to achieve our dreams together.
Honesty: because we must act according to truth and not simulation.
Respect: because we recognize the immeasurable value that humanity has and the environmental fear and therefore we seek its well-being always.
Responsibility: it is a duty to respond in a timely manner to all our commitments.



  1. Generate and apply knowledge in the areas of water management and related areas;
  2. Develop technology that facilitates the efficient and sustainable use of water for all sectors of society.
  3. Carry out programs and training activities for qualified human resources, which contribute to ensuring the sustainable and integral use and management of water.
  4. Provide services for the development, adaptation and transfer of technology, training, consulting and specialized advice, information and scientific and technological dissemination;
  5. Promote education and culture around water that fosters in society the awareness that liquid is a scarce commodity that requires the care of its quantity and quality, as well as its sustainable use and the mitigation of its destructive effects.


The issue of water becomes more and more important in societies. Whether there is not enough liquid for basic needs, water pollution that causes health damage or flood disaster. Thus, it is necessary to delve deeper into the causes of problems in order to establish appropriate solutions based on a multidisciplinary approach. The Institute is born with the idea of ​​promoting projects and programs of theoretical and applied research that provides concrete answers to the challenges in water issues that overwhelm society and the environment.


IITAAC was created with the objective of strengthening the area of ​​applied research for the solution of water problems. Under the principles and values ​​of Mr. Arturo Gleason Santana, who throughout his life gave himself to teaching and serving the community, this institution is founded with the desire to produce knowledge and technology in the field of water that impacts the Daily life of citizens. In addition, this institute is inspired and based on the life and work of Mr. José Manuel Vargas Sánchez as he develops the works that the teacher started in previous years. In this way, the institution intends to be an organ that collaborates to solve the problems of water with the high commitment that science and technology remain at the service of humanity.


Technological Research Water Institute Lic. Arturo Gleason Santana A.C (IITAAC) has three research areas: Integrated water management studies in cities; Social participation and the development of prototypes. In the area of ​​studies of integrated management of water in cities, the following lines of research are established:

1. Hydrosanitary Infrastructure Management in the cities.

– Analysis of public water policies.
– Monitoring of the water cycle.
– Hydrological restoration of urbanized basins.
– Rainwater harvesting in buildings.
– Regulation of flood water avenues in urban centers.
– Rainwater harvesting in buildings and subdivisions.

2. Technological Development

– Development of prototypes for the efficient use and conservation of water.
– Watershed modeling.
– Monitoring of quality and quantity of rainwater.
– Design of rainwater collection systems for various architectural genres.
– Modeling of hydro-sanitary systems at urban level.

3. Social Participation.

– Proactive citizen participation.
– Global citizen capacity.
– Environmental education.